Backyard Gleaning


Backyard gleaning allows every grower in the area a chance to be involved with our organization!  This program collects donated produce from community members at our location every weeknight gardening day and every other Saturday from May to November.  Simply drop off the donation, and one of our team members will collect the donation, weight it, and give you a detailed receipt.  It is that easy!  These donations are then either used in our Mobile Market, where they are sold to partners with limited resources at an affordable rate, or donated directly to one of Morgantown's Emergency Food Pantries.  

Backyard gleaning allows a place for the community to meet and interact with each other.  It provides an opportunity for even the busiest grower to get involved and take action in creating an environment where none of our neighbors are struggling to access fresh food items.  There is no limit to the transformation that can occur if we all move towards creating a food commons.  So bring over your extra tomatoes, we will see you soon!