Conscious Harvest imagines hunger free futures by cultivating gardens to facilitate food system change. 

Our Values

To be a community of growers and eaters interested  in food issues that are stewards of change in Morgantown, WV.

Conscious Harvest Cooperative works to improve food, social, and environmental inequalities in Morgantown.

Conscious Harvest Cooperative is an alternative food system building a community of growers and eaters.

Facilitating food system change, cultivating gardeners to imagine alternative economic futures/ a food commons.

Closing food gaps, expanding land access.

Building an inclusive food future for everyone.

Universal cultivation of the heart through conscious and sustainable food system change on earth.

A community dedicated to health and wellness through conscious and sustainable food systems.

Improving food access and community well being in and around Morgantown.

Facilitating activities, education, and practices with the goal of improving food access and raising food standards.