Conscious Harvest Cooperative is facilitating food system change, by cultivating gardeners, to imagine-hunger free futures.  


In our food environment, neighbors with limited resources, are left out or given little voice.  Despite living in one of the most prosperous cities in West Virginia, Monongalia County residents experience hunger and food insecurity at a rate higher than the state average.  One in every five of our neighbors struggles to access food at some point each year.

Since 2013, Conscious Harvest has acted as a model of alternative food without an expensive buy-in, that promotes community and discussion, and addresses the needs of the 41,112 individuals in our county who are food insecure. What started as a small strip of gardeners growing for food pantries, has become a community of individuals passionate about transforming our current food system.  We are committed to employing innovative strategies leading to long-term food system change that works around structural barriers, by providing new produce markets.