Facilitating food systems change by cultivating community.


Our Beginning

Conscious Harvest Cooperative was established in 2014 with a vision to develop alternative food sourcing strategies to combat food insecurity and increase food access in Morgantown, West Virginia.


“Conscious Harvest Cooperative is creating a hunger-free future for West Virginia, by facilitating food system change.”


We are committed to employing innovative strategies that will lead to long-term food system change through a community food security framework.

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Our Mission

To increase access to healthy, nutritious food in communities across West Virginia.



Invested back into the local food economy.


Value of produce purchased for families.


Pounds of produce provided to WV families


West Virginia leads the nation in small, family-owned farms but struggles with nutrition-related health disparities. By working to create alternative food systems, empowering educational pipelines, and increasing food access, we working to transform our state.


Get Involved

If you live near one of our gardens, get involved to receive portions of each harvest. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level.

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